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Charlotte de BRABANDT

Her charming and cheerful character is always a boost for your event.

Charlotte Speaker

Her sense of humour and creative approach to presenting at different venues has been awarded by different individuals and global organisations.

Charlotte Host

The transformations brought about by digital technology will be profoundly beneficial ones, they’re allowing us to overcome many limitations rapidly and to open up new frontiers with unprecedented speed.

Speaking Events

More than 10 years of multi-lingual and -cultural speaking experiences.

Upcoming Events

Young, Energized and Taking Supply Management by Storm

May 07, 2018 | Nashville

Chefsache Schweiz
Moderation - Rednertour Schweiz 2018

Society 5.0 / Robotic vs. Human

15.03.2018 - Zürich
07.06.2018 - Zug
20.09.2018 - Zürich
22.11.2018 - Zürich

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Charlotte de Brabandt ist Moderatorin und Expertin im Bereich Technologie und Einkauf. Sie bringt globale Industrieerfahrung im Bereich: Automobil, Uhren, IT/ Software, Pharma und Konsumgüter mit. Sie wurde bekannt durch zahlreiche Moderationen und vom TEDx Lugano Event ‘Berufe der Zukunft’, welches sie vor kurzem moderiert hat. Sie unterstützt Unternehmen im Bereich digitale Technologien, Automatisierung und künstliche Intelligenz.

ZUGWEST Unternehmeranlass

Charlotte brings along key strengths of the next generation of business leaders: She blends a winning charm with a sharp sense for reaching business objectives and with a true cosmopolitan understanding of people and cultures - a killing combination for being successful in procurement. But it would be misleading to reduce Charlotte to any functional silo. In fact, when I spontaneously invited her to give a keynote speech at the Global Partner Meeting in Dubai, her charismatic presentation was key to generating the right momentum for success - not really something that you would normally expect from a traditional Head of Procurement. I am convinced that we will see and hear much more in the future about Charlotte - in a different, even more comprehensive international leadership role. If someone else will not be faster, I will certainly find a way to work with her in the future.


Postal address

Charlotte de Brabandt
Johannisstraße 41-43
DE-33611 Bielefeld

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